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11-12-2018 Update 2.0 for Mobstar - the best online browsergame in the maffia scene

Our biggest release yet. Bugs fixed, loads of tweaks and a lot of new shit! Enjoy.

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24-11-2016 New Organized Crime: "Rob a Bank"

A brand new organized crime is added to the world of MobstarGame.

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19-11-2016 MobstarGame mobile app update 1.5 for Android (Google Play) and iOS

New personal real estate is added, brothels are added and much more

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16-11-2016 2.20 release :: 48 XP bonus when shot, updated horse tracks and video tutorial introduction

"How to do minor crimes" tutorial video is added, Double XP for 48 hours after getting shot and much more.

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11-11-2016 Video tutorials will help you start or become a better MobstarGame player

We have started a new series on our YouTube-channel: video tutorials. These will give you a head start in the game or make you understand the game better.

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